Tuesday, February 24, 2009

check this out people

You should know this about me: I love children's book illustration. I mean I love it. I used to check out kid's books from the library as an adult before I had kids just to oogle at the art. I kind of worship certain illustrators rock-star style. So I am going to share my latest love: Karen Barbour.

I think I actually gasped a little when I first saw this book. The pictures inside nearly brought tears to my eyes. I know I sound so dramatic about it but it's true! I love the details and the sweetness and the patterns. I think she's fantastic.

Who are your favorite illustrators?

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sheree said...

those are super lovely illos...i have so many fav. children's book illustrators i wouldn't know where to start...i would be better off just taking a photo of my bookshelf :)