Friday, February 6, 2009

In the works this week

While I have not been making cute little kid sized letter carrier bags I have been plodding along on a couple of other things.

finished up some embroidery for another quote block for the shop. I really liked that blue stitch. When I pointed it out to Vince (husband) and said 'isn't that stitch so sweet?' he just looked at me and replied, "I don't get it". There's just something about embroidery stitches that makes my heart flutter, am I the only one?

The other item on my agenda this week has been a ...get this... Christmas present for my parents. Yes that's right, on Christmas morning I wrapped up what was essentially an I.O.U. and gave it to them. I hated to do that but I just knew I couldn't get this done in time. Anyway, they just moved to a new house and are preparing to leave the house in which they raised their four daughters behind. Not an easy task for anyone. So, I am working on a house 'portrait' for them to hang in their new house. It's in colored pencil - a medium I love. My pencils have been packed away for awhile though and it has felt really good to get them out again. Working on this has made me really look closely at the house where I grew up as well. I never realized how beautiful it was I guess.

So that has been my week. Nothing finished of course but I am making (slow) progress. Sometimes I think I should have named my Etsy shop 'turtlecraft' or 'snailworks'.


Melissa Crowe said...

Wow--that drawing looks beautiful so far. You MUST post a clear picture of the final product when you're done.

And _I_ get the embroidery stitch thing. :-)

Ginger said...

Embroidery warms my heart too. I'm just in the planning stages of a new project.

Your parents are going to love your house portrait. What great idea. And it looks great.