Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a shame

I found out not long ago after reading Two Straight Lines blog that WONDERTIME magazine is shutting down. What a shame. Wondertime was a fantastic magazine. Not only was it beautiful to look at but the writers somehow always managed to shed unique light on parenting subjects that have been around as long as parents have (in addition to introducing brand new ones). I'm sure with all the other parenting magazines out there that was not easy to do.

I could always count on great craft ideas from Wondertime as well (thanks Two Straight Lines!). Here is one I made awhile back. These are just fabric covered flat beads that have been coated with multiple layers of mod podge. As was suggested in the magazine, I used fabrics that had sentimental meaning to me. Because of that I treasure these simple pieces so much. My older son, Peter, loves it when I wear the light blue one - he knows I am thinking about him when I do - I love that!

And lastly, another really special feature that Wondertime had was their instant journal pages. They generously made them available on their website - go check them out!

Oh, and my local NPR station just nixed The Parents Journal! People must think I can do this mothering thing all on my own - boy are they wrong!

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Courtney said...

Thanks for the great post. Your pendant looks fabulous. I'll show this to the Wondertime people:)