Saturday, February 28, 2009

recovery mode

I'm starting to get back on track a bit today after a week of mild illness but intense complaining (sorry, family!). My medical team (WebMD and I) diagnosed me with some tonsillitis followed but just some vague 'ookiness' that seemed to just linger for a few days. I think it was my body taking revenge on me for months of bad sleeping and eating habits with little to no exercise to boot. So, I need to take better care of myself I suppose. The day I accidentally took tylenol PM instead of regular tylenol was particularly unproductive.

I managed to get one little thing done this week. We have a birthday party for a dear two-year old to attend this afternoon and I made a little monogrammed play-doh pouch for him. Inside it has some store bought tools, a table mat, and a recipe for homemade play-doh included (the one from "What to Expect the Toddler Years" - it really is the best recipe). I hope he likes it. The table mat didn't turn out quite as cute as I hoped. I used iron-on vinyl to make it and I am still trying to get the hang of that stuff. I did recently read in "Sew Darn Cute" that you should use a walking foot when sewing with iron-on vinyl. That makes a lot of sense. Now, if only I had a walking foot. I did use some basting spray to hold my layers together and that helped a lot.
But anyway, I had fun making this gift regardless of my vinyl troubles.

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Melissa Crowe said...

Super cute!

And thanks so much for the beautiful book! I have been pouring over it on and off all day, and it's making me want to embroider new things, which is, I'm sure, just what you were thinking. You're lovely.

Okay, the verification word is "leptingu," and that made me laugh out loud--like "I have to go clean off my shoes because I lept in gu!" :-)