Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So many crafts, so little time

What kind of craft loser blogs about what she isn't making? Well, me.
I had to just say no to two fun craft opportunities recently and while I am proud of myself for recognizing my time limitations I'm also really bummed.
Opportunity 1: A friend invited me to join her monthly handmade card swap. It would have meant making 8 - 10 cards each month and a get-together to exchange them. Doesn't that sound like fun?
Opportunity 2: A note comes home in Peter's (my five yr. old) backpack that says they are switching one learning center from a play house to a play post office and any donations for it would be welcome. How much fun would it be to sew up a little mail carrier bag? Picture it - kid sized, denim, corduroy, canvas? a little freezer paper stencil of the USPS logo?? I had to be honest with myself though and realize that their little post office would be just fine without my handmade letter carrier bag and that I should really focus on some of my many other works in progress. But come on, wouldn't it be so cute? oh well
Okay, in my next post I promise to write about something I AM doing.

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Ginger said...

Good for you. It's smart not to over extend yourself. And besides, of course we will always have more ideas than we will have time to make. That's creativity!