Sunday, March 8, 2009

defeating the dark side

Oh it's been so gloomy here lately! Observe my dismal photos for proof. So what is the cure for all that damp darkness? Why cuteness of course. I have been infusing a lot of it into my days lately and I recommend it highly. First of all I checked out this book:
What a fun book. I'll warn you though, it will make you want to run to the nearest thrift store or onto Ebay to scope out some vintage sheets. I never gave them a second thought but somehow Ms. Ryan transforms them into the loveliest things. Oh, and colored snaps! Now I think I must find a way to use colored snaps because they look like so much fun in this book.
Check out this eyeglasses case:

Loved this book!

I have been embroidering up a storm lately too. I made this little gal yesterday, isn't she fun?

I think that I spent approximately 20x as long on her hair as I did on my own that day but that's okay. What am I going to do with her? Well, I hadn't really thought about that part. I'll come up with something.

And finally, we made a family trek to the BIG garden center here today. It was wonderful to smell the dirt and look at the thousands of flowers. It was a perfect destination for such a grey day.

What's your cure for the gloomies?


Melissa Crowe said...

1. She should be a magnet.
2. You should post a tutorial.
3. She's AWESOME.

Corinne said...

thanks Melissa! I'm a little scared of writing tutorials. I can barely write my blog posts in a way that makes any sense (geez, I sure hope they make sense). But it would be really fun to do that.

hiccupp said...

hah! I instantly thought magnet too! Very cute!