Tuesday, March 17, 2009

lucky strikes

As I mentioned previously, we have fallen victim to a tiny terrorist in our house in the form of a leprechaun named "Lucky". This was his first strike - tangling the velcro straps on Peter's shoes into a hopeless jumble. (sigh). He left his telltale leprechaun dust and a tiny note stating that we were to give him some gold if we didn't want to be bothered anymore.

Being as we have no gold (does anybody in this economy?) we continued to be plagued by pranks. One day he hid all of Peter's clothes, another day he made a tower with the couch cushions, climbed onto the top of the tv and stole the remotes. Then another day he turned Peter's drink bright green when he wasn't looking.

Peter took matters into his own hands and made an impressive trap - complete with an alluring rainbow and some handmade gold (well worth the glitter-mess), but alas, it failed. The gold was gone the next day but the trap was still there along with a nasty note - leprechauns can be so rude!

Finally today we decided to spring for some chocolate gold coins (I hope he falls for it) and a short letter to our friend, Lucky. I hope it does the trick - Wish us luck and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Rohini Shenoy said...

i ve been going thru ur blog.
i must say this is the cutest thing i've ever read. peter's a lucky child :)

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