Saturday, March 14, 2009

rollercoaster week

It has been a strange week with lots of ups and a few stomach churning downs all mixed together in 7 days. But here I am, wobbly-legged, stepping gratefully off the ride and looking for the cotton candy booth. The ups were quite lovely, I must say.

All I have to share right now is a small diversion I came across this week over at all sorts . Here's how it works: Do a google search using this phrase: "unfortunately, [your name]" use the quotations, don't use the brackets. So mine was "unfortunately, Corinne". Then be prepared to laugh out loud as you read what comes up on your search. I got some great ones including:

Unfortunately, Corinne’s career took a downhill plunge the moment she and Oswald met.

Unfortunately, Corinne gets malaria and is forced to return to Switzerland for a month to recover

Unfortunately, Corinne wasn't there I hope she gets on Project runway though =)

Unfortunately, Corinne had to witness the profusion of blood and water.

And here is my favorite and folks, I kid you not, this really came up ... are you ready?

Unfortunately, Corinne also found out the hard way that the squid were immune to lightning.

Now go try it!

Today it's off to the St.Patrick's Day parade downtown. We have been visited by a pesky leprechaun in our house lately so perhaps we will see him there and we can tell him to stop causing trouble. I'd better save that story for another post.

What's ahead for you this weekend?

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Stephanie said...

So funny! I will be trying this.