Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sweet dream stitches

This week hasn't left me a whole lot of time for stitching so far but I did get to work on this fun little project.

It's an embroidered pillowcase for my niece who turns 7 next week. Her sister got one from me for her last birthday so it was Maria's turn this time. I have to admit that I try to take every opportunity I can to make things for my nieces. I only have two (and 6 nephews!) and I just suspect that girls treasure handmade things more. Maybe I'm wrong - it has been known to happen - but that it how it always seems to me. Besides I get a chance to make girly things with flowers and such.

I used an iron-on embroidery design which actually feels a little like cheating to me. I suppose it's just a guilty feeling for not drawing out a design myself. I also wasn't crazy about having the pattern placed on the fabric permanently. I like to have a little wiggle room as I stitch and when it's on there for good you can't do that. But I did enjoy using all the different stitches. I got to go a little french knot crazy. I used to hate and dread french knots until I found this website. Somehow the way it was described and illustrated there made sense to me where it never really had before. Now I love french knots!

Meanwhile, I have two sick boys home today and while I hope to squeeze in a little more crafting today I'm not sure it will happen. Oh well, as long as I don't catch what they've got I'll be happy.

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