Tuesday, April 14, 2009

making clothes pt. 1

Recently my friend Melissa mentioned wanting to take on the challenge of sewing clothes again and I agreed with her that it sounded like so much fun. Afterall, it has been quite some time since I have tried making any clothes for myself. And then...I remembered why it has been 'quite some time.' Don't get me wrong, it really is fun and I enjoy the challenge but I just have not had a whole lot of success yet.

But, I tried it again last weekend anyway and picked up this pattern. Doesn't look too tough, right? And it's cute, right? Here's what I came up with:
First of all I made it too big - way too big. (It doesn't look like it in the photo but trust me, it's quite tent-y) Also, I should have read some online reviews first to get some tips for working with this pattern. It wasn't too bad putting it all together but I ended up with a few kinks and puckers that I'm not too happy about.
I'm going to try it again though because I think I can correct some of my mistakes on a second try. I was also very inspired when I came upon this website. Check out all the great variations she made using this pattern. When I saw her linen version I just knew I would be fabric shopping again very soon. I'll keep you posted!


Melissa Crowe said...

Oh, I see--you're not one of those girls who just TALKS about doing things...you actually DO them. This is good to know. ;-)

The top _looks_ adorable, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Making clothes will be my next sewing adventure I think. As pretty as that window is that I work at, there isn't much space!

Kelli Ward said...

thanks so much for linking to us. good luck with your next variation. i can't tell you the difference it has made to take in the neckline an inch and then the sides a bit. it is now my go to top for the summer.