Friday, April 24, 2009

quiz time...

Here is a little thrifted gem – can anyone guess what it is for?? You know this one, right?

I just couldn’t help jumping on this bandwagon. These terrariums look so adorable on Etsy so when I saw this dusty little number on the shelf at the thrift store I had to pick it up. I know mine will never be as perfect as this one or this one or this one but I am going to see what I can come up with.

As promised I am going to go a little link crazy here and share some wish list tutorials. You all needed a weekend project anyway, right? Well if you do you will certainly find something here. So much inspiration:

I also have a copy of Weekend Sewing here from the library with plenty of temptations calling to me. Those beautiful crafting books usually are due back at the library before I get a chance to start on anything though. Maybe I’ll actually spring for my own copy one of these days. Then the pressure would really be on to make something.

Here's the plain truth though: weather forcast for the weekend - awesome. I probably won't do a lick of crafting but will hopefully get a little color and lots of vitamin D.

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