Wednesday, May 13, 2009

and so there you have it

Whew! I am feeling relieved today. I posted THREE items in my shop today. (for me that is a LOT) They are just some things that I have been plugging away at slowly and steadily since... oh I don't know... January! I am a slow and deliberate creature, what can I say?
And yes, I realize a 2010 calendar certainly seems like something that can wait - we aren't even half way through 2009 after all, right? Here's the thinking on that: In about one week my days are going to be packed with a lot more kid time and probably a lot less crafting time. Yep, school's out on the 22nd. So I will have both boys home all day. (not too terribly different from having just having one around but still...) I am excited about it and am looking forward to so many fun activities (saving details on that for another post though!). Last summer, however, I had not yet opened 'SeptemberHouse' or started 'So September' so this will be my first chance to really put my multitasking to work. Oh, have I mentioned I suck at multitasking?

So with that in mind I knew I would have to get this going before school was out. I know I need to invest some serious time this Summer to holiday season prep and I want to make more calendars too. That's what I am hoping to do at least. When I'm not at the pool of course. Sounds nutty, doesn't it?

I also have some fun little items in mind that I would love to get on the shelves this summer too. We'll see how it goes.
Tonight: a good beer and the LOST season finale - anyone else?


Melissa Crowe said...

The calendar is BEA-U-TI-FUL! Way to get the jump!

And I'm thinking vodka and coke plus Rachel Getting Married on the laptop. Same but different. (I don't like beer and don't have a TV!) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Okay this is SOOO beautiful -- nice work! Heading now to check out the latest goodies in your shop. :)

Glenda said...

Ditto the "the calendar is BEAUTIFUL" comments :). Absolutely lovely.

I missed Lost last week, so am skipping tonight. Will catch them both via ABC's website soon!

Casey said...

love the calendar, it's lovely :)

Terry said...

Your calendar is wonderful! Good luck with the multi-tasking this summer! My kids' last day of school is the 29th and I'm trying to make the most of my time until then!