Tuesday, May 26, 2009

garden love and buried treasures

look what's blooming in my garden!

It seems like all of blogland was a little quiet over the past few days and my guess is that I will be just one of many logging back in to say 'hello'. Vince had Friday off work so it sort of felt like a four day holiday weekend to us. I did get a chance to do quite a bit of work on a new pattern I am hashing out. No photos of it yet but I'm sure I'll have something to share this week (fingers crossed).

more bloom love

Friday morning we decided to go garage sailing. We didn't have much luck at the garage sales but stumbled upon an estate sale that was absolutely delightful to a crafty-type like me. [I'd like to take a quick moment right here to say that estate sales creep me out, and I usually avoid them even though I know there are often real treasures to be found. I did have to shake off some heebie jeebies before I stepped inside] Up on the second level was an entire craft room clutter with bags and boxes of fabric, trim, and other unfinished projects. My heart skipped a beat a little when I walked in and I quickly handed Adam over to Vince so I could dig in. (toddlers at estate sales...hmmm, avoid if possible). So I found some fun things and only parted with 5 dollars.
I actually unearthed a small box from the bottom of a bag that had about 10 squares of an unfinished quilt in it-are your ready for this? Postage stamp sized squares of beautiful white and vintage print cotton - hand sewn together. wow. I was promptly informed that they were not actually for sale as the box was snatched up and tucked far away from the vultures. I wasn't too upset though. I know I would have felt guilty owning something that so clearly should be handed down to family members.
So maybe I'll be braver about estate sales from now on - I don't want to miss out on the good stuff.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful finds!! I went to a big flea market this weekend and had really hoped to find some goodies like these -- no such luck! It makes me happy to know that you were able to add such cute goods to your stash. I LOVE that bird ribbon.

Dionne said...

Oh - bummer you didn't get the little bag of treasures! I have never been to a garage sale, but I want to! I just never catch them in time! That's the fun of them - they're fleeting and can pop up anywhere.

julie said...

What beautiful finds! It's much better that they go to you, who will love and appreciate and USE them, than to ungrateful family members who wouldn't care for them or, heaven forbid, throw them in the trash.

My husband's grandmother is closing up her house next month and having an estate sale, and believe me, the call has gone out for relatives near and far, close and distant, to come over before then and take anything they'll love and appreciate and use. If stuff ends up at an estate sale, it's because no one else wanted it.