Tuesday, May 5, 2009

it's a small world after all

So here is the moss terrarium complete. I find it endlessly amusing. It was lovely when it just had moss in it - a sweet little green oasis under glass. But add the little figures and you've got a whole little world going on in there. I thought this was so much fun to make and I already have plans to make another since, sadly, I will not be keeping this one. No, this one will be a Mother's Day gift for my mother-in-law who is truly gifted when it comes to plants and also has a wicked sense of humor.I think she'll love it. That is assuming I can keep it alive until the weekend. You see, apparently one of the tricks of moss terrariums is NOT over watering them. Every plant I have ever killed has been killed by over watering. I just can't help myself.

Hopefully when my fingers get itchy to grab the watering can I will take one look at these little guys working so hard in their "yard" and will resist the urge to "help" them out.

What's growing in your garden?


Anonymous said...

Okay those figures are so perfect -- are they gardening?? LOVE IT.

My current gardening aspirations involve getting our lawn to look a bit prettier..... we'll see how that one works out. :)

Terry said...

Oh my goodness...that is the cutest thing! I had a terrarium a very long time ago. If mine would look like that I'd almost be willing to try again! I do have LOTS of African violets in the house and a few other plants. Sometimes it seems like they're taking over the place! LOL

Corinne said...

Terry - trust me, you can do this. I have a pretty mirserable track record with plants and I have somehow pulled this off - you will have no trouble at all!

Patty said...

I love those little tiny gardeners! If your terrarium goes missing, it means I stole it.

Ginny said...

Oh my goodness it is lovely!! Do you mind sharing where you found the figures? My husband would love to add them to his terrarium.

Corinne said...

Thanks Ginny!
Those figures are from a set I found at my local Hobby Lobby. They are actually for model railroads so that is the section of the store where they would be found. They come in three sizes (that I know of - maybe more) and there are lots of different sets available at hobby stores or online. Hope that helps!