Thursday, May 21, 2009

the power of guilt

I know a lot of parents give their children's teachers a little something at the end of the school year to say 'thanks' and that crafty moms often make or give something handmade (they are just like that you know). I, however, was leaning toward more of a verbal farewell this year with Peter's teacher. Funny how a five year old can talk you into things. Peter asked me last week what I was going to give his teacher and then piped in with "you could make her something - why don't you embroider something for her?" Well, since you put it that way. He also offered to help so that sealed the deal. So we came up with this:

Not exactly a huge creative leap since I have made something like this before for the shop. I had Peter write out the letters though and he even helped with some of the embroidery! He's not too bad actually.

A month or so ago he laid on the kid-guilt again with this doozy: "Mommy, why did you have to open an Etsy shop? It makes it a lot harder to have fun." ouch.

He redeemed himself a few days later with this: "Mommy do you think we could take both my Star Wars t-shirts and cut them in half down the middle and then sew them back together so I have two t-shirt that are different on each side?" um... yes :)


Patty said...

I taught preschool for years and I would have loved to receive that flower pot. It's so cute and I love that Peter helped you with it. Have you remade his t-shirts yet? :)

Corinne said...

Thanks Patty :)
We are still waiting a bit on the t-shirts. My husband (a huge Star Wars fan) is not crazy about the idea!