Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the seedlings have sprouted

I'm getting ready to list this pattern trio in the shop and I'm excited but maybe a little nervous about it. This design is so special to me and I feel a wee bit weird about sharing it with the rest of the world. These designs originated from artwork I made for Peter's nursery. I knew as I was sweating away in my third trimester in the middle of a Nebraska Summer in 2003, that I wanted to make something myself for the nursery. We didn't have a theme chosen for the room so I had a lot of artistic license. I didn't really want something that was "cute" exactly or anything that was gender specific (we didn't find out what we were having ahead of time). So, I came up with this.

The original artwork was done in colored pencil and watercolor so these patterns have a slightly different look. The monogram pattern I added into the set just because I love embroidered monograms!

This small tree was part of a piece I made for the nursery that featured a poem I originally found on a greeting card of all things but LOVED it. I have tried to find out who wrote it but haven't had any luck so I can't give proper credit unfortunately. It goes like this:

A child who's taught to smile at life is one who laughs and sings

A child who lives with patience learns a way to wait for things

A child who lives with gentleness will touch with gentle hands

A child who is understood becomes someone who understands

When children find acceptance that's another trait they learn

And children who are loved a lot will give love in return

a photo of the artwork that inspired these patterns

So that's that. I'll be posting again soon. I've had lots of 'blog fodder' buzzing around in my head lately and I need to sit down and turn it into some real posts. Until then I'm off to see what everyone else is up to in blogland!


Jane said...

Spotted these over on flickr in the embroidery group. Thought they were so pretty I had to come and check out the blog.
Lovely designs, very creative. I think the little seedling one is my fave.

Terry said...

These little stitcheries are so pretty! I love them! :0)

Glenda said...

These are beautiful, and I think you won't have a problem at all selling them as a pattern =).

Melissa Crowe said...

Oh, I LOVE the little tree! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These are incredibly sweet -- I love, too, the stories behind each of them. It must mean a lot sharing something so personal --- the world will love them, too!! :)

Corinne said...

thanks for all the love everybody!

Heather said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Paige said...

I absolutely love that little poem! And your embroideries are just beautiful...

Geo said...

Hello. Is there any chance you will sell this pattern again in your Etsy shop? The timing of finding this beautiful set designed by you coincided in an amazing way with a little inspiration I woke up with two days ago. It was a visual, I guess kind of a waking dream, that symbolized "letting go" of burdens one by one and burying them in the ground, like seeds. Of course, each one will grow into something beautiful and fruitful. When I saw your pattern I decided I needed to buy the pattern and embroider this memory so I won't forget. It helps that my name also begins with G. ; )

I love the sweet story behind your creation. It's another reason this resonates with me and inspires me to stitch, but I won't go into that part, since I'm already hogging space in your comments!

Please, would you let me know if there's a chance I might be able to purchase a pattern from you still? My email is pogofig at gmail dot com. Thanks!