Saturday, July 11, 2009

i ♥ summer

I am so lucky. Every Summer my dear friend Julie packs up a load of craft supplies, a whole lot of inspiration, and maybe a change of clothes and flies all the way from California to Omaha. (and if I'm really lucky, her uber-creative daughter can come along too.) Okay, so perhaps her main objective is to visit family BUT she manages to spend a lovely chunk of time crafting with ME. We both anticipate this week all year long and it is a highlight of both our Summers. So, this is that week - yay!

It is so hard to decide what projects to tackle and we do try to squeeze in as many as we can. This year we have been doing a lot of jewelry making. Check out the woven bead ring! I'll have to post a roundup of the rest of our projects sometime before she flies back. I'm trying to decide if I should include photos of the dogs - because there are always a few of those. What can I say, it's a learning process and one of our goals when we craft together is to try things we have never done before. So, screw-ups are inevitable but are always good for some laughs.
Julie and I are so different creatively - she is a risk taker, a whirlwind of creative ideas. I'm more timid and cautious. I have to say though - if you are going to collaborate creatively with someone, find someone who is the opposite of you. It can be so inspiring and FUN!

I have to confess my Summer of Fun projects with Peter have slumped a little as we hit Summer's midway point. I vow to get us back on track however. A big part of it is that my little book of fun - no matter how hard I have worked on it - can't compare with just hanging out with the neighborhood kids. And when given a choice Peter always picks the kids with the pokemon cards over the mom with the poster paints. Are my feelings hurt? a little. Do I need to get over it? oh absolutely.

Here is a photo of a summer sweet treat we made a few weeks back:

yum! We got the recipe here.

Oh and this project turned out to be such a happy surprise. I wasn't too confident going into it that it would go over very well but it really did! Peter loved it and spent two afternoons working on it.

What happy surprises have you discovered this Summer?


Glenda said...

I love that ring!! And those cupcakes look scrumptious :).

You need to be the mom with her own Pokemon cards!! I have my own deck, that my son helped me put together several years ago when he was still very into Pokemon. Santa even brought me some Pokemon cards for Christmas one year ;-). Now my kiddo is more into Xbox Live than Pokemon, but my 6yo niece is just beginning to love Pokemon, and I'm so glad that I have all that Pokemon knowledge stored away in my head -- I'm dustin' it off and accessing it when she comes over to hang out with me each week :). Tomorrow I will be trading some of my Pokemons from my Pokemon Diamond (Nintendo DS) game to her Pokemon Platinum game -- she's VERY excited about that. I don't know how much my kiddo will remember about the five-ish years when he was heavily into Pokemon, but I know *I* will always treasure those afternoons and evenings he and I spent battling, reading Pokemon books, playing with Pokemon action figures, etc.!!

karin said...

That ring is lovely!

Here the children want to play outside all day too. And even though I have lots of crafting ideas with them, I'm glad they do, it's so healthy to be outside all day.., the crafting is something I will safe for the moments they don't want to be outside, or when it's rainy :-)

Crafting with another creative soul, besides my children, seems like heaven to me by the way!

Corinne said...

Glenda, you are a superstar. :) That is probably exactly what I should do. Actually I could probably sneek a few of his cards for my own collection and he would never know the difference.

And Karin you are right too - those crafting ideas don't expire or anything, they'll keep until the day he tires of the neighborhood boys. I just need to keep perspective I suppose.

thanks for the great ideas ladies!