Saturday, July 18, 2009

screen time for kids

It's the middle of summer and the whiny "I'm bored" song is being played over and over at my house. Those aren't always the lyrics but we all know the tune, right? When I'm not glued to the computer myself oogling over at Etsy, or flickr, or the countless blogs I have bookmarked, I do let other family members stare at the screen as well. (for just a little while, really, I swear) I'm sharing two recent discoveries that have proven to be pretty darn good boredom busters around here.

The first one is one that I probably love more than Peter but that's okay. I felt like I have stumbled upon a goldmine when I found it. It's called and it is full of fun stuff including a HUGE selection of free printable papercrafts including things like 'fairy furniture', paper dolls, and a menagerie of cute animals. Love it!

And the next one we all love too, but in a different way. It went over particularly well with Peter but also occupied my 30-something year old 'boy' for quite some time as well. And frankly, I myself got a little impatient waiting for my chance to try it too. Anyway, It's Marvel Comics' "Make your Own Superhero" page. Try it, you know you want to!

Finally I'll leave you with one lonely photo. It's another mystery craft project to keep you guessing until the next post. Oh what could it be...


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Seeds of some sort?
Or breast shields?