Monday, September 21, 2009

home again home again

We're back! Here I am with the gorgeous bride, my twin sister. What a beautiful wedding! The ceremony and reception were at Herrick Lake Forest Preserve - such a perfect setting and a perfect day.
I can't believe how much work my sister and her husband put into it - all while juggling work, kids, a move, and some online classes. pretty amazing. seriously. there is no way I could have done it. Vince and I even managed to get our photo snapped together (without the boys) and it's been ages since we have done that (since our own wedding perhaps? yikes!) .

You wouldn't think it possible but these two brunettes ARE the parents of this golden haired cherub:

Who actually turned two on Sunday. His white blond locks never cease to be a topic of conversation but I assure you he is ours. I feel badly that his birthday was dominated by the car ride home (something he particularly hates) but at this age they don't realize what injustices they are subject to anyway, right? I mean let's face it - this is a child who has had his diaper changed in public so postponing a birthday is not the worst thing he has endured.

I must say a big huge "thank you!" to everyone who gave me ideas for what to do with Adam during the long car ride. I appreciate all your contributions so much! It did seem that anything that was new (to him) was popular. Toys and books from home just didn't cut it. There was still a fair amount of whining on the way there but more sleeping on the way back (hooray!). We all survived and overall it was a fantastic weekend.

Last but not least I have a table over at Poppytalk Handmade for the next few weeks. It's so much fun to be in the company of so many other fantastic artists and crafters - check them out, there is a lot to love over there!


Melissa Crowe said...

Hey--so nice to see your face! No kidding--my word verification is "corrin." WHAT?

Corinne said...

Oh Melissa, you have no idea how much I hate having my picture taken - and how much I enjoy anonymity. Friends and family who read my blog probably fell off their chairs when they saw that I posted a photo of myself.
Oh well, I figured it was getting weird that I never showed myself and I might as well do it while wearing a pretty dress :)

Glenda said...

Yay, a face to go with the name :).

Y'all looked so pretty / handsome, and how adorable is your son!! It'll be interesting to see if his hair turns brunette when he hits his teens or adulthood. My stepson's hair was nearly white when he was a toddler, but it "brunetted" right up by the time he was 4 or 5 (his mom and my hubby are both lighter shades of brunette).

Glad you had an enjoyable trip. The nice thing about those long car rides is they don't usually happen too often, and they get easier as your kiddo gets older (especially when they move out of carseats altogether -- carseats and booster seats do *not* have enough padding in the butt area for long car rides!).

Kelly said...

Yes, I did, in fact, fall over in my seat. Very lovely, though!