Thursday, October 8, 2009

i'm not the only one around here with WIPs

Oh yeah, um, have I mentioned this?
It doesn't look like much now but we are all hoping this room will save all of our sanity - crossing fingers folks! It was never really finished and always seemed like the previous owner threw paneling up in some attic space and called it a bedroom right before he put it on the market. For a while it was my studio but that didn't last long. Two kids later we decided to tear into it and make it a real room for the boys. Once that is done we will have a nice room for the little ones and their current rooms can be converted into an office-y guest room-y type place and... a studio for me. I cannot express in words how happy that would make me. Everyone is so tired of my stuff taking over the rest of the house anyway so we will all be thrilled to see it find a home. As you can tell we (and by 'we' I really mean Vince) have a LONG way to go.

Besides sharing that little project I'm also sharing some recent loves today. 1) these fantastic stamps commemorating the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade:
I love the illustration, the colors, and the parade itself as a matter of fact. They look gorgeous on colored envelopes too - like, ANY color, it's amazing, they have this bizarre super matching power.
and 2) This book:

Printing By Hand by Lena Corwin. Oh my how I would love to try every project in this book. The only thing that intimidates me a little about printing on fabric is the cruel unforgiving nature of it. I can always tear out stitches when I sew or embroider, or erase pencil lines when I draw. But if you screw up your print on fabric - it's back to square one. If I can get over that I think I can have some real fun.
What scary projects are you taking on these days?


Becky said...

I hope you get those rooms soon. How I pine for such a set-up. [sigh]

I have a life long wish to see the Macy's parade in person! One day [sigh again]

I have got to tackle some curtains for a customer. It's not really scary but I agonize every time I begin a new customer's project. I know I can do the work but I worry that it will meet the customer's standards and expectations. arrrgh! [no sigh]

Melissa Crowe said...

Oh, hooray! I can't wait to see what you make of your studio space!

Deb said...

That is going to be amazing - one day!! Scary projects... well I have a mountain of simple projects, but because there is SO many it's a bit intimidating! I really want to make 10 picnic rugs for Christmas, so far have... made one! lol

Glenda said...

Our only scary project is repainting our kitchen cabinets. Not really scary, just overwhelming in scope and time.

One of my brothers and his wife have, in the last several years, renovated: (1) a former school into a house (in which they and their family now live) and (2) two nasty downtown buildings into a club. They did the majority of the reno work on both projects themselves. Talk about scary and overwhelming!! But the end results were so worth it. They have more plug-away-edness than I, that's for sure ;-).

Good luck with your attic conversion; that will be such a neat place!

The Phantom Moon said...

Good luck to you! We're renovating out entire house next week so I feel your pain. Can wait to see your new studio space! :)

Corinne said...

I have such brave readers :) Good luck with your projects everyone!