Friday, October 2, 2009

Off they go

Eventually I did finish these Zinnias for my friend's birthday. I am pretty happy with how they turned out but I am a little unsure about that blanket stitch around the leaves.
I do really love a nice blanket stitch but I'm not 100% sure it really works here. These will most likely be my last blossoms for the year as it seems more appropriate to stitch leaves and snowflakes right now. I am working on some patterns right now which is always an extremely long but oh so enjoyable process for me. One of them will be the free pattern I promised in September (oops).
Oh, and who is sewing up a costume (or costumes) for wee trick or treaters this month?? I'm still debating on that one but my guess is that costume making will be penciled in on the "to-make" list very soon.
Hoping to be back later today for the last instalment of the Autumn Colors photo week!


RosaMarĂ­a said...

muy bonitas!! i love it! have a great week end!

kelly said...

I found you via Poppytalk -- your work is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing.

(Oh, and I just bought the Squirrels in Love ornament in your shop -- I'm a sucker for squirrels and I got married this year, so it's perfect!)

Glenda said...

I actually like the blanket stitch on the leaves -- I think it gives them a nice texture and ensures that your eyes get drawn to the leaves too, not just the flowers (which are so gorgeous, by the way!).

Becky said...

It is beautiful. I also think the blanket stitch works on the leaves.

I am making my cousin's son a Robin Hood costume. He's 4. She sent the fabric and pattern and I best get to it!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, i just found your blog,and your work (including the blanket stitch) is lovely. i can't wait to look all around..

Corinne said...

Thanks everybody! I'm happy to report that the recipient of these zinnias says she loves them - blanket stitch and all. However, her opinion is biased by 10+ years of friendship so keep that in mind :D