Monday, December 14, 2009

paper is cool

I am not responsible for that profound statement I used for my title. Those words were spoken by Peter as we were cutting paper snowflakes last week and I just could not agree more. I love cutting paper snowflakes. I could probably do it all day even though it feels sort of like a childish activity so I limit myself to a degree and put down my scissors after one or two flakes. Watching Peter's eyes light up as we unfolded our creations was a little bit magical which makes this an activity I highly recommend to all parents. No, I take that back I recommend it to all people.
Anyone interested in having their minds blown by other people's creativity and skill with paper should also check out Between the Folds from PBS's Independent Lens. Several contemporary origami artists are featured in addition to some historical information about the art of origami. I didn't catch the entire show but what I saw was ... was... see, I can't even find the words. It was amazing but that just doesn't do it justice.
And finally, if I have inspired you at all to grab your scissors and craft some snowflakes but you don't want all those bits and scraps of paper all over your house, I suggest this site where you can make a snowflake online and even download it and keep it forever in pixels. FUN!


RosaMarĂ­a said...

seem like a relaxing activity to be accompanied by our thoughts (for those who do not have kids around!) thanks for the link and have a great week!
ps. i love that snowflake!!

Anonymous said...

What fun! But, how do they do that?!