Sunday, January 24, 2010

sharing some book love

Oh I have had some good luck at the the library lately. These two gems left with me on my last visit and it's going to be really hard to bring them back. The first is a musty smelling book published in 1964 called The Stitches of Creative Embroidery.
This book covers over 200 different stitches as well as lots of history about embroidery from all over the world. The photos are awful but it doesn't even really seem to matter. Check out the intricate stitches illustrated here. This book goes way beyond your basic chain stitch and blanket stitch and shows you how to combine stitches together to make the most amazing configurations.
Even though it was published in 1964, so much of it seems to fit right in with 2010. Don't these stitched napkins look like something from the front page of Etsy?
One last note about this wonderful book: In the biographical notes on the back flap of the dust jacket - way at the very end - it says about the author, Jacqueline Enthoven: "She loves to help restless people, especially young mothers, discover the peace and joy of creating beautiful things with stitches." Are there any other "restless" young mothers out there who are as amused by that as I am?

Moving on. Fast forward to 2009 and take a peek at A Rainbow of Stitches. Oh my goodness, you are going to like this one.
This is the embroidery book that people have been waiting for, in my opinion. Tons of delightful patterns cleverly divided into color-themed chapters, beautiful photography, great ideas for what to actually do with your embroidered projects. All around wonderful!

What crafting books have inspired you lately?


Anonymous said...

i'm a restless young mother!
i think if i didn't craft, i'd go crazy. :)
too funny!

Beth said...

My library doesn't have Rainbow of Stitches so I had to break down and buy it. FABULOUS! I am taking my time leafing through it because every page is a delight!

Andrea on Third Street said...

I've been looking for a good embroidery stitch book. So many of these type of books have a split focus on cross stitch, which dooesn't interest me. So, thanks for the suggestion!

Corinne said...

Rainbow of stitches DOES also feature cross stitch patterns in addition to the regular embroidery patterns. I have never been too tempted by cross stitching until I saw these patterns though and I almost want to try some of those out too.

Danielle said...

I'm inspired by Amanda Blake Soule's two books, though the first one is more about having a creative lifestyle than crafting. I adore the quote about restless young mothers- Enthoven described the feeling well :)
PS: I love your blog and recently linked to it because I made the argyle ornament as a gift to a new mom for the nursery : )

Emily said...

I got a few crafting books for Christmas, and I am jonesing (is that a verb?) to start on them. I really want to start on the two Amy Karol books I got. And I got a book about crafts from the Regency period-- to fulfill my obsession with all things Austen!

Caitlin T. said...

i bought a copy of "a rainbow of stitches" using christmas money, and i love it, particularly the cross-stitch patterns it features. they're totally fresh and modern, which i love.

thanks for the book recommendations!

RosaMarĂ­a said...

great addition to your bookshelves! that green curtains looks so pretty. Thanks for the recomentations!

Glenda said...

I threw Rainbow of Stitches into my amazon cart for when I next buy some books -- thanks for the recommendation.

I've mostly recently referred to Embroidered Effects -- I really like seeing how other people put together different stitches.

Anonymous said...

Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray and for the cross stitch, Stitch Graffiti by Heather Holland-Daly.