Tuesday, January 26, 2010

swap sharing

I just finished up the first of 6 embroidered pieces for the swap I am in over at flickr. The theme for this one was a city or country interpreted in an Ed Emberley style. The Ed Emberley book, "Make a World" was our guide through this process. (what a fun theme!)
I chose Tokyo, Japan but it was tough choice. Also in the running were Havana, Prague, and Mumbai - all of which I would have loved to do. But, I figured Japan is sort of a crafting mecca, what with their cutest fabric in the world. Oh, and it is the birthplace of zakka and kawaii too. So, I went with it.
It turned out to be harder than I thought to try to design and draw in another style. I had to adopt the mantra "What would Ed Emberley do?" (W.W.E.E.D.) in order to keep myself from drifting off into my own style and preferences. I know I wandered a little here and there but I hope it isn't too noticeable.

It felt like a bit of a risk but I decided to invoke the playful spirit of Ed Emberley and add Godzilla into the mix. Just add scales and fire to Ed Emberley's Tyrannosaurus Rex and there you have it. I wasn't sure if I had crossed the silliness line there but it seemed to go over okay on flickr, much to my relief.
Thanks, Beth, for a chance to stitch this super fun city! Can't wait to see the rest!


A Beautiful Party said...

this is beautiful! I'm excited to see the rest, too. post pics!

Beth said...

There is no such thing as "too silly" in this house, and I SOOOO love this! I am really glad you chose Tokyo, but, oh, how I would love to see Havana, Prague, and Mumbai!

You did Ed proud!

Erin M. said...

I think this looks great. What will be done with all the blocks? Do you know of links to other people's blocks? I enjoyed seeing the one through your link in the post. I'm going to have to bring that book home from the library and see if me and my 4 yr old can learn some stuff.

Glenda said...

How fun!! I love your design & how you stitched it up -- the leaves on the cherry blossom trees are my favorite :).

Corinne said...

Erin - check out this wonderful Ed Emberley style London:
didn't she do a fabulous job?
And Beth's inspirational sample is here:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/modernjax/4269866323/in/pool-hoopup - love it!
You can join the flickr group for the swap and see wht everyone else comes up with and what the final pieces look like all together.
So far I think there are just three complete but there will eventually be 4 more. Should be fun watching this theme expand and grow. :)