Sunday, February 14, 2010

celebrity crushes - revealed!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! As promised, in honor of this holiday (a holiday that I admit, I have mixed feelings about - most of which are lukewarm at best) I am revealing my secret celebrity crushes. I'm going to start off right from the top by saying that I, of course, have no need to look farther than my very own home to find a devilishly handsome man. I was, in fact, lucky enough to meet and marry someone who is smart, funny, very manly and just a tiny bit crazy which is actually just how I like 'em.

That's why you won't be surprised when I say my first celebrity crush is on Joaquin Phoenix...
I'll watch anything he is in and I certainly won't let a little drug problem stop me from swooning. By the way, where is Joaquin these days anyway??
Crush number 2: Ray Lamontagne

This man can write a love song, let me tell ya. Once in a conversation with my sister about Ray I actually started blushing and giggling. It's bad folks, bad. The infatuation has been curbed somewhat by Ray's decision to allow one of his songs to be the soundtrack for an insurance commercial. Why Ray, why??? What a shame.
So there, my secret is out. So, like, you have to pinky swear to not tell them I like like them, okay?


Melissa Crowe said...

Hmm...I feel like I know you a LOT better now! This is a revealing game!

My sister saw Ray M. in concert recently and says it was kind of weird. He just sits there with his guitar the whole time and never really talks.

A Beautiful Party said...

Joaquin is my celebrity crush, too. funny, I almost made a celebrity crush blog and he was the first one on the list. maybe I'll make one today. I'll be sure to link back to you.
happy valentine's day!

Katy said...

I'll fight you for Ray. There is something unbelievably sexy about that beard and that gravelly voice. Man, it makes me weak at the knees just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

I like this celebrity crush thing, kind of feels like infidelity doing it on V day though!!!!

Anonymous said...

So I wasn't going to reveal my celebrity crush but since you are indeed a very brave woman doing it, I will follow your lead. Trouble is you probably have never heard of him..................he is an actor called Rupert Penry Jones, he always brings a kind of gentle quietness to his characters. Maybe I like that as my hubby is a bit of a loudmouth!!
Anyhows, do you think any men out there are doing a 'favourite ladies who embroider crushes type thing today???????

Kelly said...

What about Steve Perry, Corinne?

Glenda said...

Your hubby *is* a handsome fella (but you already knew that!).

I liked Joaquin until he decided to be a rapper and grew the hermit-in-the-woods beard, then I didn't find him so physically attractive ;-). But I still think he's a fabulous actor.

My current celebrity crushes are solely based on my recent viewing habits:

(1) Ewan McGregor -- Hubby and I have watched "Long Way Down" and "Long Way 'Round", the motorcycle travelogue made by Ewan & his good friend Charley Boorman (who is attractive in his own right), and I became more and more endeared with Ewan the more I watched the travelogues -- you get a good glimpse of the real him, which we don't generally see so much of actors/actresses. So I have a huge crush on him right now (and the Scottish accent absolutely helps!!). Fantastic eyes, to boot.

(2) Mark Harmon -- I'm on a NCIS kick and love his smart-alecky character. He's always been easy on the eyes, but fabulously moreso with white hair. Great eyes, too.

(3) Christopher Meloni -- I first noticed him when watching the HBO series "Oz" on dvd last year. Then I switched to watching "Law & Order: SVU" on dvd. He comes across as very magnetic in both series, and he has killer eyes.

If you'll notice, I mentioned the eyes about all three of them! My hubby also has fantastic eyes :).

Corinne said...

"Anyhows, do you think any men out there are doing a 'favourite ladies who embroider crushes type thing today???????"

Oh my gosh, I almost fell off my chair laughing at that one, Aneela!

This has been really fun. I may have to make this a Valentine's Day tradition :)

Erin said...

My sister and I have seen Ray in concert, and Melissa's sister is right-- he doesn't really talk. I think he said one sentence the entire time.
IT DID NOT MATTER. girl, that man can just sing, "whooa," and women's panties fall off.
we were in a small venue and were right up front and he was way, WAY better than he is on his albums.
it was fantastic.
also, i second the notion of adding Ewan to your list. :)