Friday, February 5, 2010

learning my colors and numbers

Sometimes when I am trying to figure out a color scheme for a project the easiest thing for me to so is to just start setting up these blocks of colors and see how the possibilities speak to me. This one yelled, "SPRING!" and my eyeballs are loving it! I swear it's coming people, (spring, that is) it always does so do not lose heart!

And this one I like though that lilac is a little outside of my normal range. My normal range usually includes about 5 colors tops though so it's good for me to experiment a little now and then. We'll see how bold I get.

And now to the numbers.

I just have to say in a non-crafting related moment that I am LOVING age 6! I have never parented anyone older than six but already I feel like this might be the best age ever. Parents of older kids please let me know if I'm correct here. Peter is so interested in so many things and just plain excited about life. He still adores his parents and teachers but is slowly branching out on his own as well. It is a joy to watch. Maybe I think these things because Peter has never been an 'easy' kid so in some ways it seems like we are finally getting the break we have been waiting for. But the reason doesn't really matter - it's just plain awesome. My next question is how can we keep him this age forever?

And sweet little Adam - heading toward age 2 and a half. What a weird age. I mean, it hardly gets any cuter than 2 1/2, right? This dear boy has better manners than anyone else in our house and when we are outside of our house - holy smokes - he draws people in like a magnet. (even I am shocked at this phenomenon and I am his mother). Oh but the trouble. *sigh*. This child can find it. I just installed our fourth, yes fourth refrigerator lock this week. Somehow the first three didn't stand up to Adam's determination. A few days ago when it got suspiciously quiet we found him in the basement! (our unfinished scary basement where power tools and paint thinner live). You see, he had figured out the child-proof doorknob. So, as for this age, I love it of course, but let's face it, it's no 6.

Back to crafting! Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


Melissa Crowe said...

Wow--you're in for it, aren't you? ;-)

Wanted to let you know that I linked to your "embroidering text" post in my SMS tutorial!

heather said...

love the top set of colors...i think the idea of spring is drawing me in!

and i too have a very serious and crafty and fun 6 year old. and an almost 3 year old girl who has gotten into more trouble in her short life than i have in my entire lifetime (but has the charm and charisma to make up for all her naughtiness). jury is still out on the baby! :-)

Glenda said...

I remember loving when my son was 6, too :). In my experience, each year just gets better (he's 11-1/2 now). I still get bedtime and first-thing-in-the-morning snuggles though, so that counts for alot!!

Allegra said...

So where do you get digital color blocks like that? I love the idea of having them all at your fingertips and being able to group them together depending on your mood... :)