Friday, February 19, 2010

swap share 3 and a few survival tips

Back again with another swap stitchery. This one is for Aneela/Comfortstitching. Her theme was girls playing. I don't know exactly how I came up with this design. I guess I wanted to have some sort of critter in it and this is where I went from there. Hopfully it will fit in with the other designs okay and hopefully it's not too weird (a birthday party for a squirrel in the middle of the woods? is that too 'out there'?).

I decided I just have to stitch my St. Patrick's Day pattern so it's not ready just yet. I will shoot for this weekend though - promise!

Finally, I know everyone in colder climates is so tired of Winter and desperate for Spring to arrive so I am sharing some diversions to help make the last few stubborn weeks pass a little faster. I hope you will share some too!

1. We are having a 'last snow prediction' contest at our house. Everyone picks a date that they think will be closest to the very last snowfall of the season (I went with March 7th - wish me luck!). The person who is closest will be rewarded with a dessert of their choosing - ANY dessert. yum!

2. Buy or sew something for your Spring wardrobe. I bought shorts the other day!

3. Create a new Pandora station with your favorite warm weather songs. I have a station I have titled "Springtime in Cuba". It's chock full of fun old Latin flavored goodies. One can't help but be cheered by it.

4. Take a field trip to the local garden center. Smell the dirt. pick out seeds.

5. Cook up your very favorite Winter foods but vow that it will be the last time you make them this season! I just made this the other night, which I absolutely love, but I also love the idea that I won't have it again until October.

What are your ideas?


Nicole said...

A birthday for a squirrel why not? :) I'm very tired of the Winter too! I like the idea of sewing something for my Spring wardrobe...

Anonymous said...

I love your design. It captures the imagination of a child's play perfectly. It's definately making me look forward to spring, whether I'll come across any one year old squirrels in the woods this spring...............I can't say.

Melissa Crowe said...

More and more I feel like you and I should collaborate somehow, but HOW? This birthday party for animals business makes me feel like there's a children's book in there somewhere...

Erin M. said...

Throw an indoor summer party- turn up the heat, put on shorts, make summery drinks and BBQ fixings. That's what some friends do almost every winter here in MI.

Kaye Prince said...

I think your stitchery is just Aneela's style - I'm sure she'll love it! How could she not? It's gorgeous!

I keep looking at all my pretty, Spring like fabric and that keeps me in pretty good spirits!

Beth said...

OMG, Corinne!

1. Love those trees forming an arch. The whole thing is making me feel inept and ridiculous -- which is a good thing, I guess.

2. Your day in the snow pool is my birthday. So I hope you get to celebrate with dessert!

3. What did you enter into Pandora to get your Cuba mix?!?! SOUNDS PERFECT!

Corinne said...

Thanks everyone for such encouraging words!

Melissa - how indeed. A collaborative project would be so much fun!

Erin - I love the indoor summer party idea!

Beth - I happen to think you are a fantastic embroiderer so I don't know what this talk of ineptitude is all about!
Here are some of the artists from my Pandora station (not all are actually Cuban but oh well)
Afro Cuban All Stars
Buena Vista Social Club
Antobal's Cubans
Anselmo Sacasas
Compay Segundo
Arsenio Rodriguez

Kat said...

You had time to stitch up the sampler! So Glad, I love it!

ellene mcclay said...

I love how you did the tree bark texture on this one!

ellene mcclay said...
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