Tuesday, February 16, 2010

swap sharing 2

Okay, back to business after my diversion this past weekend (which proved to be quite entertaining by the way). Anyway. I JUST finished up this swap embroidery for fellow swapper, Rita. She chose a woodland theme which has so much fun potential. I have fallen pretty hard for Cathy Gaubert's patterns though and decided to stitch this one up for the swap.
The pattern also contains a lovely verse at the bottom but I left it out just because I didn't think there would be text included in the other woodland pieces. I hope Rita likes it, it was certainly a joy to stitch.
I should be finishing up another swap piece this week so I will have that to share as well.
I also have a FREE PATTERN in the works - yea! I don't know if I will have time to stitch up a sample - would that be okay? I hate to do that but the pattern has a St. Patrick's Day theme so, the sooner the better, right? If I wait until I have a chance to stitch it up it might be March 18th before it makes it's way here!


Anonymous said...

Lucky Rita!! that is such a pretty piece!!
I'm trying hard not to succumb to a spending spree in Cathy's shop just yet as I know I won't be able to resist starting them soon as.
And there you are enticing me with free patterns with St Patricks days themes and there's me with an irish husband who is called Patrick.................

Glenda said...

Oh yay, another shop with embroidery patterns to check out! (I mean "yay" for real, not sarcastically - hard to tell sometimes with the written word!).

What a cute design you stitched up. I'm really enjoying following the swap's flickr pool, and am sometimes kicking myself in the rump for not having signed up for it ;-).

Looking forward to your St. Patrick's Day design :).