Friday, March 5, 2010

domestic distraction

What an odd week. Most of it has been spent dealing with domestic issues - some fun, some ...not so much. Adam really only took one nap to speak of this week. I spent it sewing - yea! After my kick start tie I started working on some cute summer pj's from "One Yard Wonders". So far they are coming along okay but I am not done yet. If Adam ever naps again maybe I'll get back to them. We are transitioning to a "big boy bed" - thus the sleeplessness. I am hoping that if I have to sacrifice time I will be able to at least gain some space. Progress on the boys' room has been slow but it is still coming along. Here is where is stands presently:
My in-laws spent a weekend here not long ago and they really helped move this project along. Are they awesome or what? Maybe by summertime we will be moving the boys in?? I'm crossing my fingers.
Thanks to everyone who left such encouraging words about the Spoonflower design contest. I did not make the final 16 but some of my favorite designs did (there is a fern design there that I love!). Check out the finalists here.
Maybe next week I'll venture back over to poor neglected SeptemberHouse. I miss that place!


Beth said...

Corinne!! When you posted your embroidered necklace on green linen I immediately "favorited" it, and when it sold I was a bit sad. BUT! Tonight we met hubby's family for dinner to celebrate my birthday and my sister-in-law gave me the necklace! It is gorgeous -- and my sis-in-law said you included the sweetest note to her.

Thanks so much for all the beautiful work you do!

Corinne said...

Beth that is so cool! I wish I would have known it was going to you - I would have gussied up the packaging a little more. I hope your birthday is wonderful!!