Tuesday, March 2, 2010

kickstart complete

I did it! I picked a project and made it! whoohoo. (edited to add: I made the tie - not the shirt - I could never make a shirt like that!) This was probably a really good choice because it was very short and sweet - near instant gratification. I used this tutorial from the amazing folks over at the purl bee.
Please note that yes, I did grown up in the eighties when it was perfectly acceptable for girls to wear ties. So, I HAVE been taught how to do it, but my tie-tying skills are a little rusty.
I decided to make this for Peter because he occasionally likes to "dress fancy" for school and the one sad little clip on tie he has is taking a beating. Plus, I thought he should have a 'real' tie. Don't you love how fun this fabric is for little boys? With all those colors he could wear it with any color shirt. Now I just need to round up some penny loafers as he has been asking for those as well. And don't get me wrong, most days he is perfectly fine wearing ripped jeans and the most faded and worn t-shirt he can find.
Maybe now I can try another sewing project without so much drama and debate. I don't allow myself much time for sewing so it feels like such a luxury to me. It's like if you were on a diet and you only allowed yourself one dessert a month - you would spend a lot of time picking just the right one - am I right? Yes, it's sort of like that. I must say, this was a tasty one but it has left me wanting just a few more bites.


Jessica said...

I love that he likes to dress up for school! Adorable! Great fabric--perfect for penny loafers. :)

We used to wear ties to school for sports--team spirit before a meet--and it was definitely so cool. I looked forward to it for days!

Glenda said...

Cute tie!! Has he had a chance to wear it yet?

Oh gosh, I've never learned how to tie a tie! My husband will have to teach our son someday; maybe I'll finally learn then too.

Beth said...

SO cute -- I love the fabric!

Anonymous said...
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