Tuesday, March 16, 2010

swap share 4

Somehow in between tending to illnesses, struggling to get my toddler to take a nap, and a birthday celebration (Vince finally turned 36 last week so I am no longer with a 'younger man') I managed to get a swap embroidery done. The theme for this one was "under the sea" with Heather Ross's mendocino fabrics as an inspiration. I decided to try to incorporate some of the patterned backgrounds from the fabrics as well as some of the animals. From there I departed a bit though hopefully I didn't wander too far. - I'm never sure. I'm quite fond of those turtles, I must say. My doubts are in the colors. It's funny, that's where I always have my doubts and sometimes regrets. Color is not my strong suit so I'm constantly wondering if a different combination might have worked better.

I'm also sharing a little 'good thing' (I'll borrow that from Martha today). Santa brought new sheets at Christmas this year and let me tell you, those plastic packages they come in are wonderful for project storage.

They are clear so you can see what's in there, they zip up, they even have a little clear pocket inside so you can tuck your scissors and floss in all safe and sound. So, when new sheets come your way save those packages.
Oh, and have a lovely day too.


Julie said...

What a great idea for the plastic sheet packages!

I actually love your color choices and was thinking how much I loved it even before I read your doubts.

Beth said...

FANTASTIC! One of my favorites in the swap so far!

Danielle said...

I agree with Julie. When I read your post I thought, "Color doubts, why?" Artists are their own worst critics ;)

Glenda said...

Very cute! I really love the turtles.

Naw, don't secondguess your color choices. (I would say don't secondguess them *ever*, but that's impractical [g].) Seriously, you always do amazing work and I've never once seen something you've stitched and thought you should've used different colors.

Anonymous said...

Don't second guess your colors. Your turtles are too awesome!