Monday, April 12, 2010

swap share 5

First of all please forgive these photos. Red circles on white fabric just did not sit well with my camera and I suppose I just lacked the patience to futz with the manual settings. These are photos of my last embroidered piece for the Hoop Up! swap. I must admit I am kind of sad that it's all done. I was hesitant before I signed on just because I didn't think I had the time but I am so very glad I did it anyway. I got to "meet" the lovely and very talented ladies in my swap group and that alone made it worthwhile. Plus, I was forced to try some themes, sizes and stitches that I don't usually use. That turned out to be so good for me creatively. Sometimes I think that if I am not forced out of my creative comfort zone I might not ever venture out!
And let's not forget the added bonus of getting awesome mail like this in your mailbox:

This came to me from fellow swapper, Jessica and I absolutely love it!

Couldn't you just look at those chain stitches all day? So pretty!
Now, what should I do with all these gorgeous embroideries that are landing in my mailbox? Suggestions welcome.


Beth said...

These look great! How big did you end up making the finished circle block? The fabric is huge!

Congrats on being done. I have two more (yours included)!!

Corinne said...

Thanks Beth! I can't remember exactly how big the space I stitched was and of course it's already packaged up so I can't measure it. I want to say it was within a 15 inch square but I didn't fill that entire area, I just kind of used that as a general guideline. Jennie can tell you for sure what she had in mind but I know it's close to that.

Glenda said...

I love embroidery swaps :). Like you said, they push you to stitch designs and use stitches you might not otherwise consider. And getting things other people have stitched 'specially for you is pretty awesome too!

A wallhanging would be nice, or you could frame or hoop them all similarly and hang them in your crafting area . . .