Thursday, April 29, 2010

various distractions and a swap share too

Guess what I got in the mail this week? Some beautiful embroidery from fellow swapper, Jennie. Once again I am amazed by these stitches that keep showing up at my doorstep. Check out that sweet rose trellis! Oh I wish you could see it in real life, my photo doesn't do it justice.My week long absence from So September has been filled with various other distractions.
One of them being this little bugger. I am so determined to get our yard in shape this year. We usually have the scrubbiest yard on the block and I am just plain tired of it. So, there have been a few afternoons when I have put away the floss and picked up my trusty weed puller. Obviously the fact that I could take this photo tells you that I still have some work to do. Don't feel too sorry for me though - I happen to love yard work believe it or not.

I'm also plugging away at a new pattern set. Here is a sneeky peek. Not very revealing is it - I'm so mean! This particular set feels like a bit of a departure for me so I am hesitating somewhat with it. I am drawing sketches for another pattern set as well. I would love to have both of them done before school is out for Summer break but who knows if that will really happen. This one is quite girly and the other one is quite Scandinavian - both are super fun.
While Vince has been doing all the dirty work on the boys' new bedroom I have been planning quilts. New bedrooms require new quilts, don't they? I am not much of a quilter but have been very inspired by my fellow swappers who are all quilters. I have started picking out some fabrics here and there. It will shock you to know I am using blues and greens. That's a joke of course - it seems everything I do/buy/like is in blues and greens! I thought I would use the same pattern for both quilts and some of the same fabrics but then go more blue with one and more green with the other. I am intimidated by this project but it's something I really want to do. Wish me luck!


NanaBeast said...

I love this post - every bit of it! Even the weed pulling bit. I am so intrigued to see what new designs you're working on and the fabrics for the boys' quilts is gorgeous - green and blue notwithstanding (I'm a fan of green myself!) Sending lots of luck on them.

Erin M. said...

I get stuck in blues and greens too. Wall colors, clothes colors, couch colors.pantl

Danielle said...

I like yard work too, but only when I am in the mood to do it. Having to do it is no fun. Beautiful embroidery and I can't wait to see the pattern!

Glenda said...

The embroidery you received from Jennie is so pretty -- I love the design *and* the stitching.

I love dandelions and have mixed feelings when I see them growing in our backyard. I'll admit that more often than not I'll blow the seeds on them rather than pull the weed ^-^.

Ahhhhh, blues and greens -- I love them muchly. They remind me of spring (blue sky + new leaves).

Gift registry said...

It's lovely. Looks like you had a busy week. Good luck on your projects. God bless.

QuiltieComments said...

Your quilts are going to be wonderful, you're off to such a great start with those fabric choices!