Friday, May 28, 2010

cookies required to run this program

It's totally normal to have a bit of an adjustment period at the beginning of Summer vacation, right? Please tell me it is. It's been a very up and down week. Yesterday I decided it was time to just throw up my hands and make cookies. Everyone. needed. a. cookie.
My plan worked because it turned out to be an "up" day * huge sigh of relief *
Aside from that there have been a lot of trying moments around here. Lots of old familiar questions have popped into my head all over again like, "How many times do I need to ask nicely before I can justify squawking at my children?" "How many times should I listen to 'I'm bored!' before I assign household jobs to 'help' pass the time?" and "Why can't they just play nicely?!"
So, we're figuring out how all this is going to work and I know it will be a wonderful Summer, really, it will. I am looking forward to many more 'up' days and learning to let the 'down' days go.


cumquats said...

Perhaps I'm looking back with rose coloured glasses, but I really loved school holidays! Just keep them (the kids) fed and keep them busy. The cookies tick all the boxes and are a yummy too boot. Well done! Kim :)

Anonymous said...

The adjustment time was always difficult!! But then everyone gets in the swing of Summer!!

Yesterday my DIL made cookies and daughter! Must have been cookie day!