Thursday, May 13, 2010

little by little

Just 6 more school days until the official start of Summer vacation. I can't believe Peter will be a SECOND GRADER! Unlike like the last two school years, I have nothing planned at all for this coming vacation. I was so organized before and now, well, not so much. I am not worried about it though, we will make it up as we go along. I think flexibility is going to be crucial this Summer anyway.
So, I'm plugging away at the Scandinavian pattern set that I hoped to get done before school is out. I am having tons of fun with it. I have started stitching some examples and am really happy with how they are turning out so far. I have had a few setbacks along the way but will bore you with those later when I'm all done I suppose. I know you can hardly wait, right?
I'm also cutting up squares for the boys' quilts. It's kind of addictive, I must say. I do get nervous about everything looking okay together when it's all stitched up. I've already nixed one fabric that I bought but I wouldn't be surprised if something else gets the boot before it's all said and done. I know that for some people choosing fabrics is the really fun part of quilting but I find it to be so stressful and difficult. I love fabric, don't get me wrong. It's just the deciding what goes together part that causes me so much trouble. Any quilters out there have some pointers to share on that process? I still need to pick up some more prints and I could use all the guidance I can get!
Oh and I also made a quick little thrifting trip this morning and found this hand embroidered tablecloth. Sorry about all the wrinkles - this is straight out of the bag. It's white linen with taupe colored floss. Does it fit my dining room table? Of course not, folks! But when have I ever let that stop me? This isn't the kind of thing one just leaves on the rack at the thrift store. This needed to be in a home where all those stitches can be appreciated. And now it is.


Anonymous said...

Already your WIP is cute! I like the flowers on top!

Glenda said...

I'm looking forward to the pattern set, whenever you are ready to release it :).

We've never done summer plans; we tend to prefer taking things day by day (though we do make loose plans to meet various cousins at Nana's pool on this day or that). When Andrew was younger, I kept a list of "possible things to do" (at home or away from home) for those times when the usual stuff got boring. I have a similar list now, but find it doesn't get used as often!

When I attempted quilting, I found the whole process of picking out the fabrics to be extremely stressful. The lady at the quilt shop (where I was taking a beginner's quilting class) wasn't remotely helpful either. If I were to attempt quilting again, I'd probably opt for a fat quarter pack or choose from a line of coordinating fabrics -- but then that might be *too* matchy-matchy :::shrugging shoulders in confusion:::. The biggest obstacle for me in quilting, though, is precisely cutting the fabric. Too. Much. Pressure. ;-). I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your boys' quilts when they're done.

Lovely thrifting find.

Glenda said...

I'm reading the archives of a new-to-me quilting blog and thought of your "how to pick fabrics" question. This post is more about choosing coordinating colors, but you might find it helpful:

Corinne said...
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Corinne said...

Glenda, you are so helpful! Thank you! I read the link you sent and then proceeded to get sucked into "older Rose" for a good long time - she is both delightful and educational - good blog find!
I'll keep posting about my quilt progress as long as everyone promises not to laugh at me :D

Glenda said...

I spent a long while on her blog last night. The Alice quilt is incredible!! And I'm absolutely a sucker for a person who includes lots of pictures of their dogs :).

I sure won't laugh at your quilting progress, seeing as how the one and only quilt I've ever made was so horrible that I didn't even progress to the point of turning the top into a quilt -- I actually threw it away! So please do share your progress :). I find it very inspirational when my stitchy friends share pictures of other types of crafting they do.

Glenda said...

Doh! The Alice in Wonderland quilt I mentioned is actually on a different blog (I clicked on three or four new-to-me blogs one right after the other last night and obviously didn't keep who-made-what straight in my head). That quilt is here:

Michelle said...

That tablecloth is great -- I love the checkerboard flower centers!