Monday, May 24, 2010

right on cue

I swear when I walked Peter to school on Friday morning is felt like a cool Spring day and over the course of the afternoon Summer seemed to arrive so that it was officially in full swing by the time the bell rang on the last day.We have even started up the air conditioning - boo. I miss the open windows already. My flower beds are looking good this Spring I am happy to report. The poppies are exploding and the lavender is showing off quite a bit as well. These were the sights we dreamed about on those long snowy Winter days.
We even started a little "5 gallon garden". Six buckets on the patio doesn't seem like much, I know but that's what we are going to try this year.

And because I can't be without something to stitch for long I decided with the arrival of Summer vacation I would stitch something JUST FOR FUN! I just never do that. If I'm stitching it's either for someone else or for the shop - so, this is pretty big. Gina over at Doe-C-Doe posted this vintage pattern company logo as a free pattern and I thought it was adorable. So, I'm working on that. So far so good - hopefully I will be able to share the results this week yet.
I even stitched away at it as I watched the series finale of LOST. I must admit I am still running through it in my head trying to figure out some of details out but in the end I'll probably just go online and find someone who will just explain it to me and save me the head scratching. Some of my lucky friends partied with the stars themselves last night and when the cell phone beeped last night during the show I opened it up to find a photo from a dear friend posing with John Locke himself. The perks of living in Los Angeles and having some connections I suppose. I'm not jealous at all, really I'm not. Have I mentioned that Locke was my favorite character?
I hope the Summer is off to a fantastic start for all the lovely readers who have stopped by here!


Glenda said...

It's not the size of the garden, it's the enjoyment you get out of it :).

Have fun stitching something just for fun!!

The only place I ever read LOST recaps is at Tom & Lorenzo's blog. Here's the link for the finale recap: It was the first thing I read when I turned on my computer this morning :).

Danielle said...

Lost was quite a tearjerker!
Have fun with your stitches--I am excited to see the finished product :)

QuiltieComments said...

Oh I have some poppies that look just like that today!! Amazing, aren't they?!

I haven't got my lavender to bloom yet, though. I'll just have to drool over yours!