Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more petite pretties

Well, the pendant garden seems to be blooming this time of year as well. I have some bigger projects in progress so when I get impatient with those it is so rewarding to work on one or two of these. They remind me what it feels like to get something done. Plus they are really fun and cute and I sometimes can't believe that they ever make it to the shop shelves. It is so tempting just to tuck them into my own jewelry box.
I admit though, I have held on to a few along the way.
Here's another confession: I am trying really hard to resist my recent urge to learn how to crochet. I am loving all the brightly colored crocheted lovelies I've seen lately on flickr and Etsy. (go ahead and take a look!). Oh the temptation! I must cross a few other things off my "to-do" list, however, before I take on another hobby. What is tempting you these days?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

when in doubt...

just go with flowers. Yes, it's that time of year - the time when I struggle to come up with something to share here and end up just showing photos of my flowers. My hydrangeas are particularly stunning this year, let me just say. I have been stitching but can't share that project just yet. So, I promise I have not abandoned embroidery for Summertime fun. You can see why I might consider doing that though, yes? Talk about something to brag about...
Okay, so playing in the sprinkler right after the lawn has been mowed can be messy but Adam didn't seem to mind. It's been a little bit of a blur the last few weeks between trips to the zoo, playgrounds, swimming lessons, the library, plus making snacks, potty training, breaking up fights between brothers, and trying to keep up with the mess. The important thing is that we are spending these days together and I love that! Summer rocks!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i gotta get busy

If I could have resisted this I would have, really. But, I just "madmen-ed" myself. That sounds all kinds of wrong doesn't it? Is that Pete checking out my a$$? What a creep!
Okay, back to work.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i'm on to you, ad men

So this arrived in the mail today from a certain retail chain store and I thought, "Oh look, it's Kirk Douglas from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". Am I right?
Do they do this stuff on purpose or is it coincidence? I have my radar tuned into advertising these days because 1) I've been reading "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell. It has really given me some new insights into how products are presented to and received by the public - really interesting stuff. and 2) Because a certain online friend made it sound so intriguing, I have recently started watching Mad Men. I know that's not the 'real' world of advertising or anything but it does sometimes make you think about how the whole process works. Netflix just sent two more installments today so I can get my fix as soon as the kids are in bed!
And yes, there has been a little bit of stitching going on, really there has. In order for me to show you my most recent project though, I would have to take a trip to the local landfill and dig it out. *sigh* It happens, oh well. I'm sure at some point over the Summer I will have at least a stitch or two to share. Geez, I sure hope so!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

trading my needle in for a ...

You know what this means, don't you? We are mudding and taping and sanding in the boys' new room upstairs. Finally we have reached a point in the project where I can help more. Before it was a little more complicated and I pretty much just kept the kids out of the way and planned quilts while Vince did the big stuff. Now that there is some part of it that can be done when the kids are asleep, I get to help more. I'm actually starting to think we might get this room done at some point!
Oh and I'm sharing a little thrifted find today as well. It's a yard or so of this cute village market themed fabric. It's a heavy fabric so it would make a really cute tote bag (for taking along to the farmer's market perhaps?) but it needs a good wash first.

It's got a little bit of residue from some masking tape I believe and a tiny bit of discoloration. I thought it was too cute to pass up so I didn't. The sale I went to was a really good one with some sweet vintage finds. I love vintage goodies but I admit, I don't splurge on them very often. I wish I could and maybe one day I will. For now though, I was wishing I had an Etsy vintage store so I could have an excuse to take some of the treasures home. Among them were a beautiful vintage plaid wool coat ($4) and a 1950's turquoise vinyl and metal couch ($15!) I've been searching online for a picture of something similar to share but I can't find anything. It wasn't anything I would put in my living room but would be awesome on my porch! We'll see what Vince has to say about it and then maybe...