Friday, July 23, 2010

blog post soup

I just have random bits to share today and I am hoping this 'soup' won't be too bland. Let's see what I can cook up... I finally snapped a photo of a sampling from our 'five gallon garden'. The cherry tomatoes have been the most successful this summer but they tend to get gobbled up so quickly that getting a shot of them has been tough. Aren't they gorgeous? We lost a pepper plant along the way and the cucumber kind of fizzled out unfortunately. But what remains is more than we had last year so I shouldn't complain.
And this, friends, is the latest love letter I have received from Vince. Isn't it romantic? I mentioned the other day that I might be contemplating digging my bike out and dusting it off. Before I knew it he had done just that and equipped it with new gear shifters, reflectors and a bell. Oh, and a cute pair of riding gloves were presented as well. Vince is over the moon that I might be taking up something that he loves. It seemed a little odd to me until I realized that if he suddenly said he wanted to take up embroidery I would probably outfit him with a flossbox, needles and hoops so fast his head would spin. That would never happen of course but it puts his enthusiasm in perspective for me.
In other randomness I really have been playing catch up this week. Running errands and cleaning have been popular activities. Recently it has also struck me how quickly Summer is going by and I suddenly feel an urge to make sure we do some of the fun things I hoped we would do over Summer break. So, a trip to a museum, a bookstore, and the splash park, as well as some family bike rides have all made our week a bit more adventurous - more like the Summer I hoped we would have. There is still so much I want us to do over the next few weeks. I always get worried this time of year that Summer vacation will be a disappointment for my kids - isn't that ridiculous? I suppose when the boredom starts to hit (and it has hit - hard) I worry that I haven't spent enough quality time with my boys. Silly, I know.
On that note let me share this article I recently read in Newsweek about creativity. After reading it, it's easy to see how boredom can be a blessing in disguise - making way for a lot of creative exploration. I thought this article was fascinating. The authors, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman also wrote Nurtureshock: New Thinking About Children ,which I am currently reading, so I was excited when I happened upon this article. So far this book has been a real eyeopener - lots of things we assume about kids get turned upside down here and it's been so interesting to read about the research behind it.
Well, I promised randomness and I certainly delivered, didn't I? And not a single stitch to share *sigh*. I'd like to close with a big huge 'thank you' to the one or two people who have read this far. Please feel free to share you own boredom busting ideas and/or any great books you have read this Summer - I would love to hear about both!


Beth said...

I'm reading NurtureShock, too! I have already found myself saying things like "You worked really hard on that!" to Jaxon instead of general praise....

Kimberly said...

Newsweek was a publication we opted to give up when my son was born. I never venture to their site for fear of getting lost, so thanks for pinpointing a couple! I totally get what you mean about the summer passing you by and fearing it's a disappointment. I had this vision in my head. The reality is, with two giant naps during the day and the awake period being the hottest part of the day, we're not going on those fabulous summer outings as we'd hoped. Every backyard BBQ and trip to the park is a victory!

Tarantismo said...

Hi Corinne,
First off, I love your blog and seeing the things you make has truly been an inspiration for a budding crafter like me..

I write to you to request permission to use the elephant image you have on your blog. I'm making a patchwork quilt for my sister-in-law's baby who's due in November. A few of the patches include embroidery outlines of animals and your elephant pattern would be just perfect.
I do hope you will let me use it and I can assure you that I will not be using it for any commercial purposes.

I had another request to make. I need a few more outlines of animals to add in to the quilt. I was wondering if you would be interested in making a few outlines for me? I am willing to pay an appropriate amount.

I could not locate your personal email id and hence I took the liberty to write this is a comment. Feel free to not publish it. I look forward to your reply.
Many thanks,
Rosa Abraham
Kerala, India

Corinne said...

Update - Nurtureshock continues to be a REALLY interesting read, I'm so glad I picked it up. I still have a few more chapters to go but so far so good - would love to hear your thoughts on it, Beth

Kimberly -
I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who worries about a 'disappointing' summer. I mean, when I think about it I am pretty darn sure my parents didn't give it a second thought when I was growing up and I always loved Summer. Still, I just can't help it and I'm glad I'm not the only one.

I'm so glad to hear that you are thinking of stitching up the little elephant! Go ahead and use it for your quilt - any non-commercial use is just fine. :)
I would LOVE to make some more animals and actually have a few in sketch-stage. I wish I could say when they would make it onto the blog but I'm not sure at this point. I will be making a big blog announcement when they do though!

Tarantismo said...

Thank you for your reply and the permission! I'm looking forward to the blog announcement, but until then I'll look around for some other sketches. Thank you !