Monday, July 19, 2010

a craftastic week

Sadly, my California friends have started their journey west and the flurry of crafting has come to a close. We had so much fun and actually got a few more projects done than we thought we would. Behold the cute clutch I sewed...twice. I had some trouble with the tabs at the ends of the zippers and ended up tearing it out when it was all done and starting over. Oh well, these things happen. If you would like to try this project you can find it here. Mind those zipper tabs though!

And here is my very favorite project I tried. It was also the easiest! I have wanted to make some silhouette portraits of the boys for ages and it went so quickly that I am kicking myself for putting it off for so long. The hardest part was getting some profile photos of the squirrels to use. *sigh* I admit I put them in front of the TV to get the shots.

I still need to mount them and frame them but you get the idea, right?

Oh and check it out folks - I made this!
What is it you ask? Well, it's just me learning some crochet stitches, it will never actually "be" anything. My very talented friend showed me two basic stitches and I somehow got through a few rows of them. I promised her I would practice through a whole skein of yarn before I tried to actually make something. I'm not sure how well I will do without her next to me answering all my silly questions but I will give it my best. Not too shabby, eh?
As for this week - catch up on all the boring things I ignored for the last 7 days! boo! hiss!


Cerise said...

That clutch is so cute! I feel your pain on getting a profile pic of your took me FOREVER to get one of mine!
When I'm practicing a new crochet stitch I use a whole skein per stitch and end up with a scarf! Then I have a cute little gift and I've learnt a new stitch!

Kelly said...

Yay! You crochet! Now you can make me these.

Tiffany said...

wow! so much fun :D I love the colour of the yarn and the profile pics

heather said...

Too funny! I learned to crochet earlier this year and I am beyond hooked! And...I have putting off doing silhouettes myself! Good to know they were simple...guess I had better get on it!

Corinne said...

Sorry Kelly but this pattern is calling my name big time:
They say it's "easy" but they say MOST of the patterns are easy and we all know THAT can't be right. If the yoga socks are easier than this though....maybe :)

Heather - don't put off those silhouettes another day - you'll LOVE the results!

Glenda said...

Your clutch turned out nice.

Love the silhouettes :). I've not done those yet - can I still do them if one of our kiddos is not a kiddo anymore?!!

I should try crocheting. I'm not taking to knitting very well (10 thumbs, I swear!). Maybe crocheting is easier??? I love the color of yarn you used and can't wait to see what you hook up next.

Monica said...

i love all these projects!!! I saw that clutch pattern a month or so ago and wanted to try it out...

i really want to do the silhouettes of my littles while they are still, well, little. any advice? did you use a tutorial?