Tuesday, August 3, 2010

beauties and cuties

It's butterfly season in these parts. The zinnias are like butterfly magnets and we have been trying to capture each on that lands there in pixels before they flutter away.
These two were spotted last week. I'm always amazed at how close they let you get. Maybe they are just too busy to notice.
And check out these cuties from a favorite Etsy shop, Sparklepaw. They are all so clever and the images are priceless. Before you go card shopping at the drugstore or hallmark, stop by Sparklepaw and pick up a perfect greeting card from a great seller.
One of these days I may get something made as well! Summer is tough - definitely my least productive time of year but the one when I spend the most time with family. I do miss my creative time but am trying to be patient. Thanks for hanging in there during this dry spell!


Glenda said...

The butterfly pictures are gorgeous, Corinne -- that blue butterfly is especially gorgeous.

I haven't crafted anything since I wrapped up my last craft-swap project mid-July. I have something easy I'm thinking about making a niece for her birthday later this month, but it's not needlework. Other than that project, I have nothing on the horizon, which is kinda nice -- I'm not feeling much up to having deadlines! (And it's waaaaay too hot here to even think about Christmas crafting!)

Widge said...

wow those butterfly shots are absolutely stunning!