Friday, November 26, 2010

visual feasts

You guys are all drained from the holiday yesterday, right? Why not sit back and relax today because I happen to have some suggested viewing for you. First and foremost - have you all seen this...

I had the GREAT pleasure of feasting my eyes on this little wonder yesterday and guess what? I'll be doing the same today. This is a stunning movie. I actually audibly gasped at some of the scenes - so gorgeous. I only wish I would have caught this in the theater but I might have fainted if I had. I also liked the story quite a bit so this is going on the favorite movies list for sure. Oh, and did I mention, I liked this movie?

And speaking of totally inspiring animation, Walt Disney's Fantasia is back again. I remember being completely enthralled with this film as a kid and it still casts the same magical spell today. There is really nothing else like this movie and I cannot wait to watch it again!

Last but not least, did you catch Etsy's little holiday video? I know I am completely biased as I seem to be a member of the church of Etsy BUT I think this video is pretty brilliant.

Thanks to everyone who took a stab at the ornament guessing game. I was surprised that the third list seemed to be the unanimous choice. Stitching up a hot air balloon would be so much fun but...sorry folks, that wasn't it! It's actually the last list. Wish me luck on that french horn guys - I'm good but I'm not sure if I'm THAT good, ya know?


Glenda said...

Cool, Netflix has The Secret of Kells available for Instant View - it's in my queue =).

Love the Etsy video, too.

Hmmm, maybe you need to stitch up the third list, too . . . you know, in all your spare time ;-).

Jessi said...

So cool! New to you blog and I love it!

jody mcdowell said...

ooh i've been wanting to post about secret of kells too! it was the most stunning, beautiful thing i think i've ever seen. there were definitely parts that made me gasp too. seriously, i want artwork made from any still in the movie hung all over my house!