Monday, November 1, 2010


Check out the spooks! For so long Peter wanted to be Harry Potter for Halloween and I thought that was a great idea - very easy and, hey, he could pull it off with his shaggy brown hair and charm. But no, he traded that idea in for something much creepier. Oh well, what can you do? He loved freaking people out and had so much fun.
The teeny tiny bat really stole the show last night and I actually DID make that costume...4 years ago. So at least one person got to wear a handmade costume this year. I have been itching to sew lately so maybe I should just go ahead and get started on costumes for next year and they might just be done in time.


Glenda said...

I think it's a hoot that he enjoyed freaking people out -- part of the fun of Halloween is being someone that isn't normally you!

Cute bat :).

Amanda said...

Eeeeeekkkkk! x