Tuesday, December 14, 2010

memory making

Zip zip zoom - there goes the Holiday Season. It always amazes me how quickly it goes by. I suppose always having my nose buried in an embroidery project doesn't help matters. These are a few of the the ornaments I made this year. Well, little thumbnails at least. I always feel weird about posting photos of ornaments that have names on them. I feel like I'm invading someone's privacy or something. That's probably silly but I can't help it. So, these are cropped versions - enough to give you a little glimpse I guess. I had fun with each and every one of these and all the rest that I made in the last couple of months. I am always so honored when someone picks me to make something so sentimental for them!

I do have a few ideas for gifts I would like to make for my own family this year for Christmas and I still think I can get them done. I just need to get myself to a fabric store - fast! Today is snow day number two so I think I'll skip it for now. Taking a three year old and a seven year old to a fabric store requires a bit more patience and zen-nature than I have today.

Hope all your handmade holiday gifts are coming along smoothly. If you haven't started one yet - go for it - you still have time and you will be glad you did!

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Glenda said...

Love the peeks of the ornaments. The stockings and the panda are my favorites! You've been an embroidering fool, haven't you?!!

Hope you're able to get to the fabric store soon. My kiddo's older than yours, but when he's gone with me in the past he's taken action figures or his Nintendo DS and hangs out at the pattern-books table while I browse. (Our fabric store's small enough that I can keep a good eye on him.)