Saturday, December 18, 2010

old school handmade christmas

I'm taking a trip down memory lane today and sharing some of my favorite Christmas tree ornaments. These are both so special to me because I still remember how much I enjoyed making them. The mouse up there is, let's see...almost 20 years old. That means that while my other high school friends were sneaking peppermint schnapps and doing cookies in the school parking lot to celebrate the season I was happily stitching cute little mice. Yep, that was me.
And now I'll turn back the clock even more (another ten years or so) to when I was a brownie (it's a girl scout thing). My troop made these one afternoon and mine is still going strong. I wonder if any of my other troop members still have and hang theirs each year. And I wonder if our troop leader had any idea how many years this little guy would be around bringing back the memory of that December afternoon. And finally, I wonder what kind of amazing glue we used because I don't think those tiny felt pieces are going anywhere anytime soon.
Which handmade ornaments are your favorites?


Glenda said...

That clothespin deer is SO cool!! Both of those ornaments are in fantastic condition.

When we're at my mom's for Christmas I'll try to remember to take a pic of some of the ornaments I made as a kid -- she still puts them on her tree every year =).

Corinne said...

Yes Glenda - do!
I was just thinking earlier today that I hope my own children don't think they are going to take the ornaments they have made with them when they are older like I did. Those babies will be hanging up there on my tree right beside the clothespin deer when I am a feeble old woman :)

carolyn said...

My favorite handmade ornaments are the cross stitch santas that I've made (they're heirloom santas) and then the ceramic ornaments that my stepmother has painted. I have several that go on a prominent spot on the tree where I can see them - one is a snowman and one is a figurine of a santa --- those ornaments make me feel so SPECIAL. I also have an ornament I made in the first grade - a pipe cleaner in the shape of a circle that was filled with glue and in the glue is yarn and glitter. It's withstood time (I'm 41 now!) I've been making ornaments with the kids but they're not "perfect" and I question whether they'll even remember and/or care about them when they're older. ????

Corinne said...

Carolyn I think it's safe to say your kids WILL care about those ornaments when they are older - look how much things like that mean to us. They will remind them of the time they spent with you making them and will surely make them extra special :)

Rory said...

I think I'll do this when I'm home for Christmas, too. My parents still put up my ornaments that I made. Thanks for the inspiration! Merry Christmas!!

Rachael said...

we have those reindeer on our tree too :) i think my sister made them. super cute.