Tuesday, December 21, 2010

progress in the workshop

The elves are working their tiny tushes off over here trying to get last minute gifts finished up before the big day. How about this little monster in the making? Not too shabby, eh? In my quest for an easy project for Peter to make for Adam I did have some luck. We found some pretty straightforward softie projects here and here that we used as guides. We changed a few things along the way like not turning him inside out after he was stitched and not making it symetrical.
Embellishments and finishing touches will have to wait until Adam's sleeping schedule allows so it could be tomorrow or it could be late Christmas Eve when this little guy is done - we just never know around here. I loved that this project was so open to your own design and imagination. There was no particular way it was supposed to look when it was done. When working with a very particular and sometimes fussy 7 year old with some perfectionist tendencies, this quality is essential. And me, I'm working my way through some pajama sets for the boys. Plaid cotton for the pants and then some freezer paper stenciled t-shirts for the tops. I am still sewing up the pants and have just started thinking about the tops. I suppose I had better start sketching up some ideas seeing as the clock is ticking and all.
There are also cookies to bake and maybe one more present to buy so I think we just might pull it off this year. How are your holiday preparations coming along?


Sarah said...

Oh, thank goodness I'm not the only one who's still sketching and cutting! I'm totally in over my head (fancy dress and two dolls in progress) but for now it's still fun...I predict I will have a different attitude 24 hours from now. Merry Christmas!

Glenda said...

I love the softie!! And I like the idea of *not* turning him inside out after stitching.

I hope you finished all your Christmas goodies with time to spare =). Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Glenda said...

I love all the monsters at that first softie link!! I bookmarked that for a possible crafting project with my kiddo -- wouldn't it be fun to make mini-softies as Christmas tree ornaments?!!

Corinne said...

Glenda, your ornament idea is a stroke of genius! I can't tell you how hard it is for me to hold myself back and not make one of these guys myself. I know it's Peter's project and I have helped here and there with the machine sewing and some cutting. BUT it just looks like so much fun and I totally want to make one of my own too!
He is so proud of his work and is so excited to give this to his brother which just convinces me more that this is a really good project for kids. Neither one of us can wait to see Adam open it on Christmas morning :)