Wednesday, January 5, 2011

aaaaaaand we're off!

I admit I am getting more sleep now than I was during the holidays but I promise I am keeping my little hands busy during these dark days.
Currently my "to-do" list includes:
* finish up a new free pattern (sneak peak right here on the left)
* write Thank You notes
* finish up a handful of Christmas ornaments (and you thought the holidays were over, didn't you?)
* get going on a little sewing project for our home - I'll be sharing more about that one if I ever get it off the ground
* make some progress on my next embroidery pattern set. This one might take me quite some time to complete but I hope to have it all ready by Spring.
* catch up with all the friends and family members who did not get a Christmas card (or even a "Happy Holidays") from me.
Oh, Adam and I also spent the morning touring a preschool. We are almost sure we will send him to a two day a week (half day) preschool program next year but I'm still deciding how I feel about that. Let's see, I have 9 months to wring my hands over it so I should be able to come to a conclusion by then, right?
Hope your 2011 is off to a productive and fun start. Keep an eye out for the free embroidery pattern - should be here this week - yay!


RosaMarĂ­a said...

I want to se what you are doing!
hope you have a marvelous 2011 Corinee!

NanaBeast said...

Ambitious "to do" list there! I can't seem to get beyond the Thank You notes right now. I wish I wasn't doing as much sleeping as I am, but I must need it because I can't keep awake! And about the preschool - you'll do what is best for your boy. It IS hard letting go. Blessings to you.

My eldest grandson LOVED his blue snowflake blanket. I only got as far as the blanket stitch on the cranberry one, which turned out just right as the eldest wanted his entirely unique and the younger one could care less. The funny thing is that the cranberry blanket has somehow ended up as the "living room throw" - my daughter has hinted how warm it is and how it goes perfectly with her decor. I might have known. Thank you again for these terrific projects and gifts.