Thursday, January 20, 2011

secret crush revealed

I confess, I love corduroy. When we moved to our new place in St. Paul we discovered that many of the interior doors were metal and of course my first thought was that we would need some cute magnets right away. So, I finally got around to cranking some out and I just love them! They are just simple covered button magnets in different colors of corduroy. Turns out corduroy works great for these because you don't have to iron interfacing on the back like you do for cotton fabrics (the metal underneath shines through if you don't). Plus, the texture is so delightful, they really are sweet.
My other corduroy project is a little something I'm sewing up for our home. This is just a sneak peak. With any luck at all I will finish it up next week and then I can share the rest of it. I was making pretty good progress last week until my sewing machine went all wonky and I just quit all together. I'm trying to muster up the energy to dig in and get it straightened back out again.
Wishing you all lots of energy to tackle all of your creative challenges!


Rika said...

can you share the magnets? pics and how to?

Love your blog.
Cheers from Utah

Corinne said...

I forgot to post a link for the "How-to" for these magnets to I just updated my post to include that. Sorry for the oversight!
I could make these all day long, I love this project :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, this post makes me shout with joy! Corduroy pants are the best! Corduroy shirts, upholstery, PJs, quilts. Heavy wale, baby wale, crushed... Fft! Fft! Fft!