Tuesday, March 29, 2011

go ahead...

leave your hat on! Who has time to take their hat off these days anyway? That's a little bit of humor inspired by this gem that I am sharing today. I just realized that I accidentally cut off the bottom line of text in the top image when I scanned it. It says "* TASTY RECIPES FOR GALS IN A HURRY". How did I acquire this lovely? It came to me via my grandmother who, when she was a busy mom, collected recipe booklets like these that were distributed by various food companies. This one is from A.1. Sauce. I tried to find a year printed on it but had no luck. She knows that I like to gather recipes and she also seems to think I can cook - which I can't by the way - no matter how many recipes I collect. She turned this, along with some other similar booklets, over to me because she is just so sweet like that.
While I probably won't be trying any of the recipes any time soon [Quick Tomato Aspic Ring and Hamburger Boats - I'll pass] I did fall hard for the illustrations.
PERFECT for embroidery!! The mom in the curvy car speeding along with the kids in the back? Quick, where is the flossbox!?
So, you just never know when you'll find some tiny little thing to spark a new embroidery project. Keep your eyes peeled and your hat on!


tami said...

oh.my.gosh. I'm with you, I love love love these illustrations, especially the curvy car. Thank you so much for sharing!

gina said...

PERFECT for embroidery indeedy...so cute! thanks for posting :)