Thursday, March 17, 2011


My Irish eyes are smiling today - how about yours? I'm sharing a little photo of a good luck charm I have here in my home.

My mother and I have a tradition of having lunch together on St. Patrick's Day. Now that we live in different cities we will be lunching on our own for the first time in years. I am missing her somethin' awful today. I will NOT whine about it, I promise! Last year she gifted me this shamrock plant on St. Patrick's Day and here it is, alive and well one year later. Those with green thumbs are not impressed right now, I know, but to me, that's quite amazing. First of all, houseplants and I have had a rocky relationship. Secondly, this one moved from it's happy home in Omaha to a dimmer (but still happy) home in St. Paul. I admit, a number of other houseplants did NOT take the move as well and um... they are no longer with us. And thirdly this plant has survived being completely waterlogged after Adam decided to play swamp with it in the sink one day. Not too long after that it was tossed off of it's shelf and onto the ground. I was pretty sure that was the end of it but no, it endures.

So I think of this plant as a little reminder of how lucky we are. In spite of challenges we have faced in recent months so much has miraculously worked out in our favor. And of course if I ever started to feel sorry for myself for a split second I need only to watch the news to see the stark and shocking reminder of how very good I have it. I'm not trying to turn St. Patrick's Day into Thanksgiving or anything like that but today I really am feeling grateful.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm sorry you and your mom didn't get to carry on your St. Paddy's Day lunch tradition this year.

What a pretty plant! I can relate to the joy of having a houseplant survive -- we have ONE houseplant and it's actually thriving!! Big huge deal for me LOL. I may get brave and bring a second plant home. I'm quite the risk-taker ;-).


stufenzumgericht said...

I've a question about the "Booksmart" pattern: Is it available anymore, because in your etsy-shop is a notice, that it's been sold?
I love the pattern and woul like to buy it ;-)