Thursday, March 24, 2011

ooops, my bad

Sorry Twin Citians, this is all my fault. You see, I got it in my head on Tuesday to clean and pack up all the Winter gear - hats, gloves, boots, the whole nine yards. Do I know that this is tempting fate to throw a snowstorm our way? Yes! I do. Kind of makes you wonder why I did it anyway. So, as soon as I snapped my lid on the rubbermaid tote the weather gods looked down at me, laughed hysterically and started churning up the skies. And here we are 6 inches later. Prior to that, we had actually turned our furnace OFF and we could actually see the street curbs for the first time since November. It was a beautiful thing. oh well.

In other news I am a little buried right now in house duties. We are still getting everything ready for closing plus we moved the rest of our things from Omaha this past weekend which of course felt like insanity but it had to be done. Now I am trying to figure out where to put all this stuff, why I have so much stuff, and how I can whittle down my stuff even more than it has already been whittled. good times.

Let the Spring Cleaning begin!


heather said...

And that is why I don't put away the winter stuff until July! You can't chance it! :-)

Katie said...

You're not alone. Here in Fargo, I did the same, and we ended up with a foot of snow.

Corinne said...

I've learned my lesson the hard way! Yes, I did have to drag everything back out again since these cold temps just will not stop. boo hiss!